About Us

Dominion Wines is the brainchild of three friends who share the common bond of love and passion for wine. A global businessman, a French wine professional/importer, and a professional sommelier who, through copious amounts of “tasting” and stained teeth, decided to start a business around fine wine and the gratifying pleasure it offers. We aspire to bring together our individual expertise in effective entrepreneurship, a lifetime of industry experience, and a shrewd awareness of wine and its intricacies, to form Dominion Wines. Our venture is all about rethinking the ordinary process; making it worthy of the very special libation we love to celebrate. It’s about sharing our passion and acumen to bring you the finest, most critically acclaimed wines from around the globe, in the most refined and streamlined process possible. It is sharing love, knowledge, and experience to bring friends and strangers together around the fascinating nectar of the grape. Because isn’t that what wine is all about?