Wine, like all high art, is highly subjective. What is poetry to some may be gibberish to another. Its appreciation is contingent upon a unique blend of sensory perception and tastes. The elements that create an outstanding bottle of wine and its subsequent enjoyment are myriad and can be exhausting. Yet, at its best, wine transcends its physical attributes to become something extraordinary, something unforgettable. Our goal is to make your wine experience something to celebrate. To ensure you enjoy the perfect wine at the perfect time, Dominion Wines has reinvigorated the ordinary procedure. We sift through the milieu, so your custom-made wine celebration is simply a mouse click or phone call away. Our wines are sourced from only the most respected and critically acclaimed producers, are rigorously inspected for quality, and our Dominion Sommeliers™ are committed to finding you the perfect wine for any occasion. We are ardent wine lovers who celebrate every aspect of wine. We strive to transcend the ordinary; to brand your Dominion wine experience a remarkable one. 

Why scores? Why does critical acclaim matter?

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